Richard O’Barry to receive Germanys’ most prestigious Media Award

10. Nov 2011


Tonight, Richard O’Barry will be awarded with a «BAMBI» in Wiesbaden, Germany. The former «Flipper» trainer and today’s best known dolphin activist receives the award in the category «Our Earth» for his devotion and lifetime achievement for the dolphins. O’Barry will be given the «BAMBI», known as Germanys’ most prestigious Media Award, side by side with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Gwyneth Paltrow or Lady Gaga.

«O’Barry reveals the grisly truth behind the dolphin smile», says the BAMBI-Jury. «He has devoted his life to protect dolphins from humans.» Some graphic footage in the movie «The Cove», which depicts the dolphin slaughter in Japan, is hard to bear, adds the Jury: «Ric O’Barry shocks, provokes – and liberates dolphins from captivity parks.»

He would not hesitate to go to jail for his commitment. The decision to radically change his life came more than 40 year ago: «By 1970, the dolphin trainer, who had become famous with the world famous TV-series ,Flipper‘, had to admit to himself that the idyllic life of his dolphins only exists on television», the Jury also says: «In captivity the animals suffer. O’Barry became a committed fighter for the freedom and protection of all dolphins.»

Emotions, touching moments and a great event; this can be expected of the BAMBI Awards show tonight in Wiesbaden, Germany. The event will be broadcast live and internationally by the German channel ARD, one of Europes’ largest TV stations. Ric O’Barry will be able to speak live on the air during the awards show. In addition, an interview with O’Barry will be broadcast by ARD tonight at 5.30pm.

Swiss journalist Hans Peter Roth, co-author with Ric O’Barrys book «The Cove» (in German «Die Bucht»), will participate live at the event and report right after the show.

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